It’s true – I left my comfy 9 to 5 corporate sales job to help women boost their online presence. This part of my portfolio is less about a “sales service” and more about how my sales expertise is integrated into each digital media package I provide.

The truth is – I was absolutely rockin’ my sales job. Within months, I was promoted to train new employees on best sales practices. I was also named in the top 10 sales reps in the nation companywide.

I want to use my sales experience and expertise to gain MORE sales doe your biz through promoting your online brand. Instagram followers and likes only mean so much — how is your business INCREASING sales? What’s your return on investment for each digital package?

The truth is that sales is built on RAPPORT. We’ve got to get you started online to start building rapport with your potential customers. If you don’t have good rapport, you won’t have good sales.

How does your experience impact my biz?

Through my sales experience, I’ve leaned how to:

  • Tell stories effectively in order to sell a product without sounding “salesy”
  • Maintain positive rapport with customers so that they’ll purchase from me when they’re ready to buy
  • Use endorsements to increase sales
  • Position myself as an expert to build trust
  • Overcome objections to purchasing a product

All of these lessons have positively impacted the way I approach digital marketing for my clients. Building relationships and rapport online is essential in this day and age, and I apply all that I’ve learned to help you increase your online presence and up your sales.

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