You’re rushing through your day with 3,000 to-dos on that list to check off. It’s 5pm and you get home for dinner, only to realize that you forgot to post on social media for your biz. You scroll through your camera roll and find what looks like a good picture to post. You slap a caption on it and maybe a few hashtags and hope for the best.

PHEW, it’s done. Checked that one off the list! But the question lingers in your head… is it working?

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

That is one of my favorite quotes because it is SO TRUE in a digital media landscape. If you’re not planning your social posts ahead of time, the above scenario is bound to happen — and your posts will likely flop.

With a social media content calendar, there’s no guessing. We prepare all of your content before the month even begins, so you know what to post and when to post it (or I’ll do it for you!).

Sound like a win to you?!

What’s included in the content calendar

The content calendar plan includes…

  • A template, shared on Google drive, where you and I both have access to the month’s content
  • 3+ post ideas a week, complete with color-coded days so you know what type of content to post on each day
  • 2+ story ideas a week, complete with a detailed description of what to say/post on your account
  • A Tailwind account setup PLUS a tutorial on how to see when to post and how to optimize your posts

    The content calendar is perfect for you if you want to do all of the Instagram management and posting yourself. If you don’t want to manage your account and want me to do it for you, ask about the Instagram Management + content calendar discount.

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