I really am just gonna say it — I am madly in love with coffee. But why do I list it as a skill? Let’s call this section “a glimpse into the future”.

I worked at two separate coffee shops for a combination of two years in college. It was there that my love for coffee blossomed. And though the smell is invigorating and I’m obsessed with the taste, those aren’t the core of WHY I love it so much.

The reason why I can’t stop talking about coffee is because I believe that coffee gives us so much connection. In our digitalized world, it can be tough to talk about the hard things – politics, religion, hardships… the list goes on. But coffee provides us a means have those conversations.


Let me ask you this: how many times do you ask someone to “get coffee” to talk about a struggle in life? Or how many times has your high school best friend asked you to “get coffee” when you haven’t seen each other in years?

If you’ve never had a coffee talk, you’re missing out big time. For me, coffee talks fuel the soul. We’re made for connection, and coffee shops provide a space for it.

So while I don’t offer any “coffee services” now (I’m laughing over here because I’m not sure what that would even be), I do hope to create an initiative in the future where coffee talks are common. Maybe some coffee-inspired apparel? Maybe a weekly blog on a tough topic? Maybe an actual coffee shop?

Who knows – with coffee, the possibilities are endless!

If you have an idea, let me know! I’d create something of this sort with you in mind.

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