Use 5 STUNNING PINTEREST IMAGES Strategies Like The Pros

Nov, 11, 2020
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Are you new to the pinterest world?

Creating click-worthy images can be intimidating. Which photos will create the best engagement? Where do I find images that look professional? Do I have to create my own content or pay for it?

The good news is – creating Pinterest images really isn’t as complicated and confusing as you may think. Here are my top tips to teach you how to create Pinterest images that will stun your audience.

1. Find royalty-free images online.

What do I mean by that? Royalty-free images are images that you can use without owning them. Basically, royalty-free images are stock photos. There are a number of websites that provide you with royalty-free images.

My personal favorite is Unsplash.

Unsplash has TONS of beautiful royalty-free images that will have your audience oooing and ahhing. Unsplash is where I get all of my stock photos you see on this site! Click around on and I have a feeling you’ll be just as amazed as I am.

2. Make sure your images are the correct size.

Having the correct size of images in EXTREMELY important- and Pinterest even says so itself. You can read directly from Pinterest here for details.

“You’ll see better performance if you follow our guidelines for image sizing and quality.” – Pinterest in 2019.

You have to be sure the aspect ratio is correct. A 2:3 aspect ratio is ideal, meaning that the image’s width is 2/3 the size of the height. If your image doesn’t fit these guidelines, it could be cut off or look unprofessional.

3. make sure the images fit your personal brand.

To make everything cohesive, it’s best to stick with a similar image type. Images with the same color scheme or theme help create a consistency that’s attractive to the Pinterest audience. Not only that, but if you stick with your theme, people will begin to recognize that the content is yours just by looking at it.

If you have certain colors you always use, incorporate those into your images. For example, I would incorporate the colors light pink and forest green into my images since those are my brand colors. It’s important that you keep a record of the hex codes (you can learn more about hex codes here) you utilize so that you can use the exact same colors in each aspect of your brand.

4. Pick complimentary fonts.

Fonts are very important when it comes to creating eye-catching images. I suggest sticking to two fonts per image. As I said in the last point, it’s important to stick to the same fonts so that your audience knows it’s your brand posting.

Be sure the fonts are:

      • Easy to read
      • Varying in size
      • Different yet complimentary

If you’re not sure how to pair complimentary fonts, click here to learn how to pair fonts like a pro.

5. Create compelling titles.

The attention span of Pinterest scrollers is not very long. You’ve got to be able to catch someone’s eye with both an image and an attractive title. I suggest putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes. If you were scrolling Pinterest, would this title catch your eye and make you want to learn more?

Another tool I LOVE is the title generator! You can click here to access it.  Literally all you do is type in the keywords of your post and VIOLA! the title is created. It really is that easy!

When putting the titles onto your image, make sure it is large and easy-to-read. If your title is amazing but people can’t read it, what good is that?!

6. Have someone create the pinterest images for you.

And if all of these steps overwhelm you, no worries! I’m here to help. I have managed several Pinterest accounts with great success and would love to work with you! You can click here to get in touch or you can submit your name and email below so that we can chat more about getting you tons of Pinterest traffic!

    I hope these tools help you create that Pinterest success that you deserve! You’re on your way to pinning perfect.

    We’ll talk soon!


    Noel Therese


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