52 Ways to Restore Order in Your Life

Jun, 09, 2020
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ways to restore order in life

Do you ever feel like everything in life is out of your control? Do you wonder how to get your life in order?

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A lot of my anxiety stems from the feeling that I have little control in my life. Over the years, I’ve found that focusing on what I can organize and control helps me cope.

Because – let’s face it – we need structure as humans. Loss of control is one of the hardest things for us to face. You better believe that my anxiety spiked this spring when life was upheaved by the coronavirus. I’m willing to bet that it gave you a little anxiety, too.

When I have high anxiety, there is a lack of meaning in life. Calming my anxiety by ordering what I can in life increases my quality of life. 

Take a heart inventory.

One very interesting thing that I’m learning about is the concept of “loves in order” developed by St. Augustine. He says that we become happy when our loves are rightly ordered or in line with our moral values. For example, I love my boyfriend, coffee and God. Morally, I believe that I should love God first, my boyfriend second, and coffee third. If I love my boyfriend more than God, I am unhappy. If I love coffee more than my boyfriend, I am unhappy. Taking a heart inventory on what loves I am prioritizing versus what I WANT to prioritize is very useful.

I also put together a list of several other things to do when your life feels out of control and you just need SOMETHING to hold on to. These help me, so I pray they help you too.

Here are 52 ways to get your life in order today:

  1. Make a to-do list
  2. Have a designated place for your keys
  3. Prepare for the morning (set out your clothes)
  4. Make your bed
  5. Recycle old papers
  6. Buy a new face wash
  7. Say ‘no’ when you need to
  8. Do a life audit – reflect on your personal and professional goals
  9. Prioritize what brings you peace
  10. Forgive yourself (easier said than done – get help here)
  11. Keep moving forward
  12. PRAY at the beginning of each day & ask God for help
  13. Buy some new workout gear – it’ll motivate you to workout!
  14. Put your loves in order
  15. Take the next right step (you can get help here)
  16. Cut back on unnecessary activities
  17. Clean out your fridge
  18. Get up early and focus on your daily tasks
  19. Reestablish healthy eating habits
  20. Practice breathing exercises
  21. Spend more time in nature
  22. Stretch
  23. Buy a cute bra… for some reason I always need another.
  24. Have a place for everything
  25. Write down three most important tasks for the day
  26. Ask yourself what truly makes you happy
  27. Dream about your ideal life and take one concrete step towards it
  28. Establish an effective skincare routine (my one-step fav)
  29. Write down three things you’re grateful for
  30. Journal about your day
  31. Cut back on sugar intake
  32. Read a good book
  33. Go for a bike ride around town
  34. Do your hair and makeup just for fun
  35. Visit a new coffee shop
  36. Get your nails done
  37. Go through your medicine cabinet and clean it out
  38. Schedule an appointment with a counselor
  39. Take the Strengths Finder test
  40. Add vitamin pills to your diet
  41. Exercise your brain with Sudoku or a crossword puzzle
  42. Learn a new language
  43. Change your toothbrush
  44. Take a nap!
  45. Drink a tall glass of water
  46. Confront problems head-on and have that difficult conversation
  47. LAUGH – it’s the best medicine
  48. Make a budget – Dave Ramsey is the best.
  49. Donate clothes that you no longer wear
  50. Volunteer in your community
  51. Set up appointments that you’ve put off
  52. Start a book club

I could go on and on and on about the things that make me feel like I’ve got my life in order. My personal favorites are getting my nails done and putting God first by praying at the beginning of the day.

What are a few things you do? Share with me below!


Noël Thérèse


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